Our Driveway Sealcoating Process

Thorough cleaning of the cracks using wire brooms to loosen up dried dirt and debris and then high powered blowers to clean off all dirt and debris.
Treat Oil spots using a high grade oil primer to improve adhesion of the sealcoating.
Fill “Major” cracks with Hot Crack filler to help resist water from getting into the cracks and freezing, making your driveway crack even more.(We do NOT fill “Spider Web” cracks or crumbling areas)
Neatly brush or spray 1 coat of high quality Coal Tar sealer manufactured by Sealmaster. Silica sand is evenly mixed with the sealer for added Traction and Durability.

Our Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Hot Rubber Crack Filling
Hot Rubber Crack Filling is a vital part of any parking lot maintenance plan to greatly prolong the lifespan of your asphalt especially in cold weather climate areas.

Sealcoating offers many benefits for asphalt. It protects the surface area from “ravelling” and deterioration from the elements which actually greatly reduces cracking and blacktop failures in the first place.

We use “COAL TAR” based sealer

Line Striping
We offer line striping services for parking lots including new layouts, or restriping using the highest quality paint products available.

Our striping is also A.D.A. compliant.

Asphalt Repairs

We also offer saw cut replacements for damaged black top, alligatored areas, and pot holes.

We also sell and install signs, parking bumpers, speed bumps and bollards.